The Travel Case Set

Our bestselling travel icon, upgraded. 100% Argentinian leather. 100% sustainable.

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Since its debut, our Travel Case Set has been an integral part of many of our customers’ lives, streamlining organization while elevating travels and outings all at the same time.

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Our Bestseller Since 2013
Argentinian Craftsmanship

We work alongside a small, family-owned business in Argentina to handcraft our iconic design. Each set takes up to 8 hours to cut and assemble by leather craftsmen and craftswomen who have become dear members of our community.

A Lifetime Companion
100% Sustainable

LWG-certified, this piece is made with a process that ensures the leather is tanned responsibly against measures like traceability, resource consumption, and effluent treatment.

In your wardrobe and out of landfills.

We created Leather Care Products—our Leather Spot Cleaner and Conditioner—to ensure your Travel Case Set stays fresh. Our role does not end once you purchase your Travel Case Set. Rather, we are here to help your product last as long as possible with an array of leather care services.

The Mini Travel Case

A petite sibling of our iconic set and an ideal piece to keep your small essentials—lipsticks, jewelry, and more—in an elegant order.

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