Cuyana x WTA Foundation

We are honored to announce the second chapter of our collaboration with the WTA Foundation (Women’s Tennis Association) to champion the next generation of game-changing women by highlighting the power of female partnerships in sports and entrepreneurship.

Two women playing doubles tennis on an outdoor court.
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“We chose each other because we complement each other on a skillset that together makes Cuyana magic.” 

— Karla Gallardo, CEO & Co-Founder of Cuyana

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Person holding a tennis racket near a net

“There’s this perseverance and desire to take on a dream that inspires you, and it helps you push yourself to the very limit. Even after a loss, you have to pick yourself up, and go again,”

— Shilpa Shah, Co-Founder of Cuyana

Children in uniforms raising their hands in a classroom.

“The hope is to leave doors open for more to follow, for more to be inspired, and for more to push themselves and each other to keep achieving greatness.” 

— Karla Gallardo, CEO & Co-Founder of Cuyana

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About the WTA Foundation

Founded by Billie Jean King in 1973 on the principle of equal opportunity, the WTA is the global leader in women’s professional sports. The WTA Foundation, a philanthropic division of the WTA, was created to empower girls and women worldwide to live fully through initiatives promoting equality, education, leadership, and health & wellness.