Origin Story: Substantial Silk

Lasts longer. Wears beautifully. Drapes naturally. Introducing Substantial Silk from China.

There’s a reason why 90% of all silk comes from China. Dating back nearly 5,000 years, this natural fiber, with its beautiful texture and inherent luster, continues to inspire the timeless silhouettes of today. In pursuit of this opulent fabric, we traveled to the regions of Hangzhou and Shenzhen for a closer look at silk’s deep-rooted origins and how it’s meticulously crafted.

The Journey of Chinese Silk

Deeply rooted in both heritage and tradition, silk captures the very essence of Chinese culture. Once reserved for Chinese royalty, the praise of silk soon spread far and wide across Asia, creating a lucrative trade route, the Silk Road, which took the production of silk westwards.

Stretching some 4,000 miles from Eastern China to the Mediterranean Sea, silk became revered for its natural beauty and longevity.

Top view of a basket filled with beans placed on a textured surface.
Yarn spools stacked on a textile machine.

“Silk connects China to the rest of the world; the fabric functions as a transcultural bridge.”

Raw Origins

Every cocoon counts. With a thoughtful focus on a higher ply per yarn, our silk threads become inherently stronger. Increasing our momme count (the weight of silk) creates a finished fabric that’s substantial, durable and luxurious to the touch.

Everlasting Art

The lifelong commitment China has to silk has allowed for the most sophisticated techniques and a community of remarkable craftsmen to exist today. Because of this, we are able to source the highest momme count for specific garments, making our silk luxurious to the touch and everlasting in nature. When properly cared for, our silk will last a lifetime, aligning with our fewer, better philosophy.

Rolled fabrics with frayed edges on display
Close-up view of multiple layers of textured threads on a loom.

“By using higher plys and momme counts (such as 30 mm), our silk outlasts other fabrics on the market.”

Dedicated Craftsmanhip

We carefully selected and partnered up with a leading factory in China whose precise attention to detail matches our own. Every step in our silk production process is measured in close proximity, allowing us to effectively reduce our carbon footprint and create less harmful waste.

“Each touchpoint is intentional. Some of our workers have been mastering the art of weaving for over 30 years.”

Close-up of a textured fabric with soft folds.
Fewer, Better Silks

By continuing to source the finest silk materials, we are able to infuse our own delicate details and modern dimensions into our finished garments, similar to those found in couture houses. Aligning everlasting fabrics with everlasting silhouettes, our design philosophy stays as relevant as it ever was.

“A finished fabric is only as good as it fits and feels."

White / Extra Small White / Extra Small
Black / Extra Small Black / Extra Small
Black / Extra Small Black / Extra Small
Dark Rust / Extra Small Dark Rust / Extra Small
Black / Extra Small Black / Extra Small
Black / Extra Small Black / Extra Small
Mushroom / Extra Small Mushroom / Extra Small