Travel Case Set Customer Voices

00:00:00.120 --> 00:00:09.599 - My family immigrated from Argentina when I was two years old, and while I've been in the United States nearly my entire life, I know the quality and craftsmanship of Argentine leather. 00:00:10.260 --> 00:00:22.140 - I gifted the cases to my two daughters who live in other cities, and my favorite journeys are when we are together, visiting new places or when they come home and our travel cases share the same space. 00:00:24.570 --> 00:00:27.839 - The Cuyana travel set is simply wonderful. 00:00:28.230 --> 00:00:33.959 - The set has traveled with me all over the world, all over the US, Europe, the Caribbean. 00:00:34.170 --> 00:00:36.420 - And next year it will join me in Japan. 00:00:37.230 --> 00:00:39.820 - We have had it for years, and I couldn't be happier. 00:00:39.840 --> 00:00:42.149 - I will never not have these with me. 00:00:43.550 --> 00:00:45.170 - It is truly a chameleon. 00:00:45.200 --> 00:00:52.880 - It can hold toiletries, cosmetics, cords, and both of them have actually been used as an evening clutch in a pinch. 00:00:53.300 --> 00:00:55.909 - The larger one can be used as a tote organizer. 00:00:56.360 --> 00:00:59.009 - There is so much functionality in this one set. 00:00:59.030 --> 00:01:01.189 - It is truly a travel essential. 00:01:02.640 --> 00:01:04.899 - It's a perfect present for a friend or oneself. 00:01:04.920 --> 00:01:12.450 - I love that the smaller one is perfect for everyday use and a handbag and the bigger one for travel to hold larger special items. 00:01:12.480 --> 00:01:14.640 - I always lean into personalized gifts. 00:01:16.050 --> 00:01:21.450 - I love how classy and elegant they look and that my initials are monogrammed on it. 00:01:21.870 --> 00:01:23.310 - Timeless, for sure. 00:01:25.240 --> 00:01:28.269 - I love my travel cases so much. 00:01:28.660 --> 00:01:35.680 - I carry the smaller one in my bag every day with my makeup essentials and the bigger one when I travel. 00:01:36.990 --> 00:01:39.200 - They are the perfect size for all my products. 00:01:39.210 --> 00:01:41.199 - Easy to wipe, superb quality. 00:01:41.220 --> 00:01:42.450 - What more could you want? 00:01:42.510 --> 00:01:44.310 - I also love the color options. 00:01:46.040 --> 00:01:56.209 - My mother in law actually introduced me to Cuyana, and she gifted me a set of travel cases back in 2016 with my initials on them in 2020 when I got married. 00:01:56.420 --> 00:02:02.209 - I upgraded and got a new set of travel cases in white with my married initials on them. 00:02:04.150 --> 00:02:06.430 - I love the travel case that I have in gold. 00:02:06.880 --> 00:02:10.899 - I use a smaller case for cosmetics and the larger for hair brush and hair supplies. 00:02:12.100 --> 00:02:14.539 - I absolutely love my travel case set. 00:02:14.590 --> 00:02:19.059 - I take it on every trip with me to transport my toiletries or to use the clutch. 00:02:20.580 --> 00:02:23.849 - When I'm not on the move, I use it for additional storage in my vanity. 00:02:24.000 --> 00:02:25.860 - The olive colorway is perfection. 00:02:26.100 --> 00:02:29.580 - I can't wait to buy another set and to give them to my girlfriends. 00:02:33.700 --> 00:02:34.700 - I love it. 00:02:34.750 --> 00:02:42.520 - The smaller case is perfect for my work bag, and the big case is great for travel weekend or even week long trips. 00:02:42.880 --> 00:02:47.619 - The travel set allows me to hold all the items that I keep dear. 00:02:47.650 --> 00:02:49.120 - Completely organized. 00:02:52.050 --> 00:02:54.125 - I absolutely love my Cuyana Travel Case Set. 00:02:55.410 --> 00:02:59.730 - I have this soft gray with orange zipper, and it's a perfect fit with my personality. 00:02:59.970 --> 00:03:03.150 - It's relaxed and easygoing with an occasional pop of color.

Travel Case Set

Our newest version of the iconic Travel Case Set, now updated with an easy-to-clean leather interior. 100% sustainable, 100% Argentinian pebbled leather.
Product Color: Black
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    • Large: H 7 in. x W 12 in. x D 3.5 in.
    • Small: H 5 in. x W 8 in. x H 2.5 in.
    • Weighs 1 lb


    • The leather lining wipes clean to protect against makeup mishaps. Clean it by using a damp cloth with a touch of soft soap or micellar water on a cotton pad
    • See Full Care Guide

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    Bestseller Since 2013

    Our iconic Travel Case Set is handcrafted in a signature curve silhouette with ample space to elegantly hold all your small essentials at home and on the road.


    Handcrafted in Argentina

    We work with a small, family-owned workshop where each item is cut and assembled by artisans with two generations of experience.


    100% Sustainable

    Certified by the Leather Working Group, the world’s leading environmental certification for the leather industry. It affirms that our leather is tanned in an environmentally responsible way.

    Elevate the everyday with our iconic
    Game Changers
    N°1 Travel Case Set

    "Best luxury gift to impress your loved ones."

    Our Travel Case Set Family
    Our signature design is available in three options: as a set with a large and small case; a medium size for compact essentials; and a mini size for smaller necessities.
    Signature Design
    As practical as it is beautiful, our Travel Case Set has a feminine curved shape iconic to Cuyana.
    Two in One
    Unzip the larger case to stow all of your travel-sized toiletries and save the small case for makeup, jewelry, or other small accessories.
    Ease to Clean
    The leather lining wipes clean to protect against makeup mishaps. Clean it by using a damp cloth with a touch of soft soap or micellar water on a cotton pad.

    Argentinian Craftsmanship

    We work alongside Ricardo’s small, family-owned business in Argentina to handcraft our iconic design. Each set takes up to 8 hours to cut and assembled by leather craftsmen and craftswomen who have become dear members of our community.

    From Our Community

    Since its debut, our Travel Case Set has been an integral part of many of our customers’ lives, streamlining organization while elevating travels and outings all at the same time.

    From the Press

    “Two is better than carry all your essentials on the go—from large toiletries to compact makeup items.”—Vogue
    “Best makeup bags to stash all your essentials.” —Harper’s Bazaar

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