Our cashmere is validated by the highest certifications as sustainably-made.


Single-origin” means that our cashmere can be traced to a single elevated plateau in Inner Mongolia, where our resilient fibers are found. 100% unblended and unbleached cashmere, our Single-Origin sweaters represent ethical practices and a higher standard of production.

  • Responsible Cashmere Standard

Our recycled cashmere is made at a family-owned mill that has been in business for over 130 years. Crafted using a composition of at least 95% recycled cashmere, and virgin wool, this material is spun from 100% Post consumer Cashmere. Each sweater is crafted by recycling existing sweaters and breaking them down to countless fibers, which are then washed, treated, and spun into new, high-quality yarns.


Our wool and cashmere are spun together in Italy to create this cozy fabric that perfectly marries the heft of wool, the softness of cashmere, and the warmth of both fibers. Our wool is sourced from farms with a holistic respect for the welfare of the sheep and the land they graze on.

  • Responsible Cashmere Standard, Oeko-Tex
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